Winners 2008

National Winner - Bristol Saint Nicholas Market

Regional Winners

North - Darlington Market

South - Bristol Saint Nicholas Market

Midlands - Nottingham Market

Regional Runners-up

North - Catterick Sunday Market

South - Burton Upon Trent & Uttoxeter Market

Midlands - Ely Market

Greenest Trader - Kay Case

Winners 2009

National Winner - Morpeth Wednesday Market

Regional Winners

North - Morpeth Wednesday Market

South - Dartford Market

Midlands - Victoria Centre Market, Nottingham

Regional Runners-up

North - Darlington Market

South - Ely Market

Midlands - Kings Lynn Tuesday Market

Most Improved market - Darlington Market

Greenest Trader - Duncan Glendinning, The Thoughtful Bread Company – Green Park Station, Bath

Winners 2010

National Winner - Hovingham Village Market

Regional Winners

North - Hovingham Village Market

South - Queens Market

Midlands - Loughborough Market

Most Improved market - Darlington Market

Winners 2011

National Winner -Chesham Local Produce Market

Regional Winners

North - Darlington Market

South - Chesham Local Produce Market

Midlands - Dursley Local Produce Market

Most Improved market - Hovingham Village Market

Greenest International market - Belfast Christmas Continental Market

Greenest Trader - Tabitha Potts – Old Spitalfields Market

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Sally Mittuch, the winner of the Greenest Trader 2012 with Immediate Past President Julien Lewis

The winner for the Midlands was Boston Market in Lincolnshire, and in the South the award went to Frome Cheese and Grain Market in Somerset.
The most improved market was Morpeth in Northumberland, which won the top accolade in 2009. The award, entitled The Allan Draper trophy, in honour of the NMTF’s President-Elect who died in Aprli 2011, was presented by his widow, June. Allan was a passionate environmental supporter who helped Darlington Market, where he traded, to success in the competition.

Pictured from left to right are Steve Hadfield, market officer, Nicola Martin, market manager and Alan Jackson, head of service development for Tameside Council, receiving the greenest market award for Ashton-under-Lyne Market from NMTF President Julien Lewis
To see Ashton-under-Lyne's winning entry from last year click here
Greenest Trader 2012 - Sally Mittuch of Natural Spa Supplies Ltd

National Winner 2012 - Ashton-under-Lyne Market

Our green awards have been running successfully for the past 5 years.

Over that time we have had lots of great entries from both markets and traders.

Why not take a look at some previous winners and some example entries.

Sally Mittuch, who won the coveted title of the UK’s greenest trader 2012, founded her business, Natural Spa Supplies Ltd, after washing her hair in clay while on honeymoon in Morocco in 2007.

With her background in archaeology and anthropology, it dawned on her that people had always washed in clay, yet their clay washing had left no trace. 

Sally decided to focus a business on the most anciently used washing and cleaning products.

Sally and her husband, Scott, sell their products at historic markets, green markets and bush craft events. They specialise in pumice and alum crystal formed by volcanoes, as well as plants, henna, soapnuts, which are gathered from self-propagated trees, and hemp oil, which forms the basis of their traditional soft soaps